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Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store, Old Town Chinatown, OR 503-579-3982In the fast-paced world we live, not having the services we need in our fingertips can turn out to be more excruciating than anything else. It is not possible for us to look across wide-ranging areas to avail a specific service, and especially, if the issue pertains to locks and keys, we are likely to put it off as much as we can. To hunt for varying locksmiths to deal with our car, residential and commercial locks sounds like a far cry, and if you had to run from one store to the other, then things can be more pressing than anything else.

In such a situation, only availing the services of an expert locksmith who is experienced and trained in various sectors is the wisest option. If you are wondering as to where you can find such a professional, then know that you are in the right place!

Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store has been functioning as the ultimate expert locksmith service provider in the area who never ceases to amaze our clients with their fine workmanship. When you avail our services, you can be assured to receive our services that are nothing short of perfection. 

Our professional services include:

Residential locksmith

Home security means everything to each one of us. Then, how can we ever place it at stake? If you sense your residential space’s locking system to be faulty, then ring Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store to swiftly avail our expert locksmith services. Apart from calling to fix the faulty system, you can get in touch with us to avail our free consultation services, or to plan out security upgradation measures and to deal with other major and minor residential locksmith services.

Commercial locksmith

Commercial space embeds security as its basic building block. Only an expert locksmith will be adept at distinguishing the variant needs of your commercial premise and to provide you with the finest security measures and products. Apart from offering the best security consultation services and assistance for security amplification, our locksmiths can deal with minor and major locking system faults posed by commercial premises. Whether it is to install file cabinets, or plan master key systems, count on us to get it done speedily!

Automotive locksmith

Cranky car locks are never fun to deal with! They tend to go berserk when you least expect it. The ignition switch might become inefficient, keys may break in locks or you might even misplace your keys! The problems seem to be never-ending! Rely on our automotive locksmith services to get your car lock & key issues fixed!

Want to avail the services of our expert locksmith in the area? Then ring us speedily at 503-579-3982