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Nothing is predictable in life, and in areas pertaining to locks and keys, there is absolutely nothing that you can look forward to. When you least expect it, keys may break in lock, or the locks may get jammed. All such occurrences with the locks can leave you stranded out of your place without a single soul in sight. Even if there were others to help around, no one would have the needed expertise to resolve the lockout issues without causing any damage.

Whether it be your house door locks being jammed or your file cabinet locks getting crankier than ever before, everything is likely to have a major impact on the smooth functioning of your day. When things get out of the hand with locks and keys, all you need to do is avail the emergency opening services of professional locksmiths. Having a professional by your side to assist will provide you relief and let you achieve your purpose without any hassle!  

Emergency opening solutions

One of our clients had recently called in to unlock the room door where their two year locked himself inside the room out of curiosity. After several minutes of trial, they couldn’t get the child outside the room. At moments like these, time is life itself. Therefore, don’t be unwise and waste your time. Avail the services of a professional quickly to get yourself out of such situations as they are not pleasing in the least.

Count on our emergency opening services to be always there to serve you in the most precise manner! Locked out of your place? Is your pet locked inside your vehicle? Then contact Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store immediately to avail our services in area!

What does emergency opening mean?

Any situation that requires a speedy response is deemed to be an emergency situation. Regardless of how small or huge the lockout issue maybe, they need to be fixed immediately! But emergency opening services do not mean to act hastily, rather it is a calculated approach taken to fix the issue speedily. Instead of adopting imprudent measures such as drilling the lock, we unlock the door carefully without causing any damage to the property.

What we offer?

  • Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store, Old Town Chinatown, OR 503-579-3982Trunk unlock services
  • Cabinet locks unlock
  • Safe opening services
  • Jammed locks opening services
  • Car unlock services
  • Door locks opening

And many more!

Would you like to avail our emergency opening services in Old Town Chinatown? Then give Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store a quick call on 503-579-3982 !