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There was an era when keys were an extremely simplistic component and locks a simple article that merely protected the premise against vandals. As the burglars evolved with newer ideas, security industry rushed to get ahead of them and think bigger. This led to the evolution of high-security locks and keys that we currently own.

Back then copying keys wasn’t a big deal as it is today. It involved a simpler procedure and security codes weren’t tight either. But now things have changed, and copying keys has become a task, that needs to be mastered by stringent practice and training.

Therefore, getting a copy key from an amateur is out of the question, only a professional can do it right for you. Are you looking for a locksmith who can get the job done? Then you have found the right one!

Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store is a premium locksmithing agency in area that hires the finest locksmiths who have been trained and experienced in the field of locksmithing. Therefore, you can be assured to receive our services in the finest manner. Getting a key made is not a daunting task in the least to our locksmiths, rather an easy job that they do with ultimate precision!

Our expertise:

Keys are crucial components that must be dealt with carefully. We can’t just hand over our keys to a complete novice and stranger who don’t have the appropriate qualifications to deal with it. Rely on a professional locksmith to handle your keys! Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store’s experts will provide you with a copy key in a few minutes and are adept at designing it with perfection too!

Here are some of the copy keys that we make:

  • Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store, Old Town Chinatown, OR 503-579-3982Padlock keys
  • Master keys
  • Mortise lock keys
  • Mailbox lock keys
  • File cabinet lock keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Car keys
  • High-security lock keys
  • Entry door keys
  • Garage door locks keys

And many more!

Why call Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store?

Keys have never been the one to settle for anything lesser than utmost precision. Regardless of the keys being simplistic or complex, they need to be crafted with perfection. The ultimate professional locksmiths have been trained rigorously to copy keys in the best manner. If you want to get your own set of copied keys, then you needn’t come all the way to our store. Rather, you can simply ring our number and get your key made on-site!

Call Old Town Chinatown Locksmith Store now on 503-579-3982 to avail our key making services today!